How To Increase Your Android Device's Download Speed

There’s nothing more annoying than a slow download speed. Imagine having a download speed of 100kbps and you want to download something of 1gb.Cud take at least 1hr 30mins.
With this your download speed should increase from 100 to at least 500
First you need mobile uncle or mtk engineering (this app should be Common with people that use Glo bis on Android or change Imei for gb. It’s
does more than changing Imei.)
Warning :this process trades your call quality for download speed.
For those that use mobile uncle and mtk engineering the process is the same.
1.Open the app, click on engineering mode
image on engineering mode(mtk)
3.then slide down to see mobile data services preferred
4. Click on mobile data service preferred  u should see an option and a warning
5.if u want to still increase your download speed then just press OK that’s all.

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