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Top 10 Courses To Study In Nigeria

students graduating
students graduating
If you wanted to be really honest with yourself, you’ll accept that a particular set of courses in Nigeria are actually regarded at the best of all courses. You can’t really blame them though, with the rate of unemployment in Nigeria these courses are the only professions that can lead to a student having a really good Job. Having this in mind you can see the Top 10 Courses To Study In Nigeria and give your comments below if you feel otherwise.

You’re in the science stream and you reveal your choice of institution  to your parents, we both know the course they’l advice you to go for MEDICINE. Advice of course for parents that listen and are understanding for other parents, they’ll most likely force you till JAMB shows them you don’t really like the profession. This reminds me of my highschool days , 70% of the class filled Medicine as their course of study. Chose!!!! Now most of them if not all are studying biochemistry or something related.
The next on the Top 10 Courses To Study In Nigeria is pharmacy . You couldn’t make medicine right, go for the next thing to it “Pharmacy”. The prestigious faculty of pharmacy, even more prestigious if you’re a pharmacy student in OAU. In case you didn’t know, OAU is actually the first university in Nigeria to  have pharmacy as a faculty of it’s own. So Pharmacy!! as NO 2
Yes! The prestigious and proud law students of Nigeria. This doesn’t even require your parents, Once you’re in the art class the first thing you fill in as your desired course of study is Law!!!.. I don’t really blame they have the most beautiful girls. I don’t know about your school but in OAU here? believe me i once went for a class very early so i could see Law chicks troop out in their black and white and their short skirts.. (Hope my mum isn’t reading this lol.. mum am facing my Education ooh !!) So Law as NO 3.
Electrical Electronics
Meet the  king of the technology faculty, Elect Elect is actually a very cool course to study and they have the most intellectual students. I respect the students of the department but hey don’t get me wrong, I’m a computer with Economics Student. Yeah that’s right, I’m a double honour student, i have every reason to be proud *lol* . I just like elect cause you can really diversify. In elect i’ve met bad ass programmers, even more bad ass than programmers in my department. No 4 goes to Elect then
I for one am a great fan of this course. For now lets pretend the course isn’t one of the most stressful courses you can ever choose to study, department is DOPE. Once you’re good you’re GOOD! and they’re probably the students with one of the highest chances of getting a job in this country with an outrageous number of unemployed. They are still the fewest, that’s why i don’t still understand how they throw the best parties in OAU. NO 5 goes to archi.
Computer Science & Engineering
Ok so you might feel i’m biased about putting computer here just because am a student of the AMAZING department but NO. Computer Science & Engineering is actually one of the best courses a tech student could choose to study. Let’s face it, the world becoming more and more digital everyday. Gone are the days i have to use cash to buy food. Now with just a Sanwo card in ife here i can buy a lovely meal, now who do you think controls the future. so number 6 goes to the Computer students
Nursing definitely has to be on the list, without the help of the nurses where would the doctors before. If you argue otherwise, you definitely haven’t experienced what happens to patients when the nurses in a hospital embark on a strike. Well i know what happens and the doctors would tell you they can’t do it alone. So Nursing NO 7
Mechanical Engineering
Some people would disagree on the ranking of Mech Engin on this list because Mechanical Engineering isn’t just hard to get when trying to get into an institution but it is also very hard to study but the reason i kept it on NO 10 is because it isn’t an independent course. How many Mechanical Engineering students have you met that finished school and they decide to Work on their own? Most if not all of them begin searching for Jobs and lets be sincere it’s not easy to come across job opportunities these days. So Mechanical Engineering Wins slot NO 8
So this is like the first commercial course to make the list and No am not being Biased, in fact i felt very reluctant to add it to the list. The reason i added it is because that’s the first course that comes to commercial students minds when it’s time to pack their things to the Higher Institution. Before accounting students stone me to death, ask yourselves this question how many of you can be self established successfully without a great amount Capital.
The last on the list is the whole faculty of agric. The reason agric is on No 10 is because of the ease with which students can get into the faculty. Soil Science, Animal Science, Agric Econs but when you look at it from the productive aspect of it and the self  Establishment capabilities, agric is really an amazing course to study. There you have it, Nigeria’s top 10 courses. If you feel otherwise about the other of the ranking , You can drop your thought in the comment section.

Don't Threaten Us With EFCC - PDP Senators To FG

Senators of the Peoples Democratic Party have
warned the Federal Government against using
the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
to intimidate them,vowing to resists such
According to Punch, a statement on Friday by
Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, on behalf of PDP Like
Mind Senators, read
“As much as we are not against the anti-
corruption agencies performing their
statutory duties, the invitation by EFCC to
the wife of the Senate President, Mrs.
Toyin Saraki, clearly indicated that the
threat by a group within the National
Assembly to use all means to fight the
National Assembly leadership is now
being carried out.
“Nigerians should ask the EFCC what it
was waiting for all this while before
realising that it would need to invite Mrs.
Saraki when she left the Government
House with her husband in 2011. And
why should the invitation come a few
days after a senator threatened that his
group would bring the senate president
“We also think that the same witch-hunt
that the wife of the senate president is
suffering now is the same thing
happening to his deputy, Senator Ike
Ekweremadu, who the police have been
disturbing. But at the right time, we will
jointly make our opinion known on the
harassment of our leaders.”

How To Increase Your Android Device's Download Speed

There’s nothing more annoying than a slow download speed. Imagine having a download speed of 100kbps and you want to download something of 1gb.Cud take at least 1hr 30mins.
With this your download speed should increase from 100 to at least 500
First you need mobile uncle or mtk engineering (this app should be Common with people that use Glo bis on Android or change Imei for gb. It’s

Joke Silva Loses Mom

Top Nollywood star actress Joke Silva is not her ever happiest mood right now as recently lost her mo to death.

Dr Silva died peacefully on Sunday, July 19, 2015 in Lagos.

Basket Mouth Backs Buhari Against PDP

t’s been 2 months since Nigerians voted  President Muhammadu Buhari in office and there hasn’t been any significant change in the country. PDP,  APC’s opposition have been using the opportunity to criticise the President saying he hasn’t fulfilled any of his promises. Well Nigeria’s No 1. Comedian  “Basket Mouth”  has shown his support for the President by  backing him up saying:

Chris Brown - If I Had The Chance To Do Things All Over Again I Wouldn't Change A thing

Chris Brown hasn't lived the most "crime"  free life but yet when asked the question :
When u think about life would u rather have the chance to do shit over again or would you live with your experiences? I wouldn't change a thing. I would never learn and grow if everything was perfect. "Meanwhile, he also showed off his new look.

Daniella Okeke Shows Off Curves In Tight Dress

The beautiful actress stepped out in this amazing Outfit today.. .  Totally hot..  

5 simple steps that you can use to save data on your Android smartphone

Am sure most of you have experienced your Android smartphone sucking your data when you didn't do much browsing well unless you are using airtel because airtel mb does not last. 
Well here are 5 simple steps in saving your data on your smartphone 
 1.use browser like chrome or opera because they have a data saving feature. 
2.disable sync options you don't need (this can be found in settings) 
3.set data limit, restrict background data, find the data leeching so in data usage. 
4.restrict app updates to WiFi only 
5.turn of your data connection when you are not using it 

Uche Jombo Shares Pic With Her Son

The beautiful mom who is presently in the US shared this pic of her and her baby calling him chairman because he doesn't let her sleeep at night...  Lol.. . "Chairman"  indeed.. 

I Am Destined To Be A Robber - Teen Robber

Two teenagers,who were paraded by the Kwara State Police Command says he was destined to be a robber.Sani Harry and Muhammed Yahaya who said they were herdsmen allegedly robbed people with a cutlass.Seventeen-year-old Harry told Punch he was destined to be a robber as according to him, he could not resist the temptation. “It is destiny that made me to start robbing people. The temptation just came in a strong way. I just did it without knowing why I did it. I have never killed anybody. We normally rob withcutlasses and sticks. I regret my action now. I will not do it again.”Yahaya on the other hand, expressed remorse for robbing people. He added that he would never get involved in robbery if he was pardoned and released.

Jordan Henderson to be joined by Messi in fifa 16 cover

Lionel Messi to be joined by Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson in the UK version of fifa16.
Henson managed to fend of Manchester city Sergio arguero, Chelsea's thibaut courteous, spurs Harry Kane in  EA user vote  to be named this year Co cover athlete 

Teen wolf renewed for S6

It's no doubt that teen wolf was one of the shows that brought MTN to the limelight with problem of varying quality TV shows. 
However with teen wolf cast getting up thier age,  it's creator confirmed that he is working 
on a new project with a new television station.
 Creator Jeff Davis confirmed at San Diego comic con  2015 that teen wolf has been renewed for another season. 
How many episodes are currently in teen wolf s6 are unknown 

Police Arrests Masquerade For Stabbing Priest

Enugu—MEN of Enugu Police Command have arrested three persons in Enugu, who allegedly stabbed an Anglican priest after beating him, under the cover of playing masquerade.The reason for the attack was yet to be ascertained

6 Promises Buhari Will Never Fulfill

Politicians often try to outdo each other by making promises they can’t keep and do notintend to keep, in order to win votes before an election. That is just how politics works around the world.That is what happened this year too when we had the

Kim Kardashian Poses Nude In Pic Style By Her Husband

Kim Kardashian in her blonde look posed in just bras and and black stilettos for a recent Photoshoot which was styled by her Husband.  See more pics below 

Buhari - End Of Boko Haram In Sight

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday assured Nigerians that the end of the Boko Haram sect and terrorism in Nigeria is in sight.Buhari gave the assurance in a statement made available to journalists by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu.The President was reacting to latest terrorist attacks in Jos, Kano, and Zaria.The statement quoted the President as saying that he was convinced of his positionbecause of the recent positive developments in the nation’s security forces.He therefore urged Nigerians to remain security conscious and be swift in reporting suspicious movements around them to security agents.“The President is convinced that with recentincrease in troops deployment, improvements in the supply of arms and equipment to the military, as well as the ongoing effort to mobilise greater international cooperation and support, the end of Boko Haram and terrorism in Nigeria is in sight.“He calls on Nigerians to remain vigilant and report any suspicious persons to security agents as his administration continues to give the highest possible priority to eradicating Boko Haram and ensuring greater security of lives and property across the country,” the statement read in part.Buhari consoled all Nigerians who lost relatives in the latest terrorist atrocities in Jos, Kano, and Zaria, as well as those who were injured in the attacks.He, however, urged all Nigerians not to be unduly disheartened by what he called the seeming resurgence of terrorist attacks and atrocities in the country.He said his administration remained committed to overcoming the challenges of insecurity, terrorism and insurgency as quickly as possible.The statement added, “Already, the intensified onslaught by the military on terrorists’ strongholds has led to significant seizures of weapons and vehicles, a blockage of their sources of arms and ammunition, and a decimation of their fightingmen.“President Buhari assures Nigerians of the ability and readiness of the country’s armed forces and security agencies to contain the frantic resort by the terrorists to attacks on soft targets such as crowds and places of worship.”

I Hope To Beat Seyi Sheyi For Mama 2015 Award - Yemi Alade

Johnny singer,Yemi Aladehas expressed hope that she will emerge winner at the MTV Africa Music Award on July 18 this year. Nominated in the Best Female category, Yemiis up againstSeyi Shay,Vanessa Mdee,BucieandBusiswaSpeaking with newsmen in Lagos at the Road2 Mama event last weekend, Yemi Alade expressed her desire to walk away with the award by saying: ‘I am very thankful to be nominated. Being a nominated means you areappreciated and this makes me a star. I am happy and I hope (to win).’

Oliseh Appointed As Super Eagles Coach - NFF

The Nigeria Football Federation has confirmed that former Nigeria international Sunday Oliseh will coach the Super Eagles with a team that willinclude a Dutch as an assistant.A manager close to Oliseh in Europe, who has full knowledge of the talks between the NFF andOliseh in London, confirmed to The PUNCH on Wednesday that the former Eagles captain had accepted the job offer and would work with an assistant from Europe.He said,“I can confirm that Sunny (Oliseh) has acceptedthe offer and he will be working with an assistant coming down from Europe as well.”Oliseh met with NFF president Amaju Pinnick and Austin Jay Jay Okocha in London on Tuesday.The NFF added that Oliseh would come with a “foreign technical assistant, whose job description will centre around development programmes, and working with clubs’ youth teams and certified academies towards developing the game from the grassroots.NFF President Pinnick said,“Sunday Oliseh has vast experience and immense knowledge of the game, and will certainly add value to what we are doing. He has bought into our vision and objectives towards the development of Nigeria football. He will command the respect of the players and wetrust he has the temperament to work harmoniously with the Technical and Development Committee, the Technical Directorate and the Technical Study Group.“On our part at the NFF, we will give him all the support to succeed as we have been giving to all our coaches. Subject to the approval of the NFF Executive Committee, we will conclude negotiations by weekend and he will be unveilednext week.”

Caitlyn Jenner Releases New Photoshoot

The man turned woman, father turned mother, grandpa turned grandma... Am sure you get the point by now... Anyway caytlin Jenner released this pic of to promote E! Series "I Am Cait". 

MAMA - Chris Brown,Beyoncé, Rihanna, Battle For Best International Act

MAMA has announced Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Big Sean as  nominees for the 2015 Best International Act.MTV Base has announced the nominees’ list for the Best I

Promo photos of Deadpool the movie

20th century fox first M-rated movie Deadpool takes the front page of entertainment magazine and some promo photos were released. 
An sure most of you don't know who deadpool is 
Well does that give you a hint of who he is 
That Picture is from x-men origins wolverine and that's Deadpool. 
Deadpool is sort of an antihero, mercenary and a bounty hungry who works for his own gain. Ryan rebuilds starts as Deadpool and some photos were released 

When Your Barber Is Your G.F's Ex (photo)

Ahn ahn... What was he looking at in the first place.... Lol

John Legend's Wife Shares His Nude Pic

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend's wify decided to get naughty as she took her hubby's butt pic and posted it online... A while ago it was Justin Bieber, now older celebs seem to be following the trend..

Pictures of a lumia 830 running Windows 10

Windows 10 one of the most anticipated ID yet is going to launch this month on the 29th.
But windows phone 10 ID launch date is currently unknown. With the ability to sync your apps across different platforms I would say it's a really nice ID. 
According to the source of the  screen shot is a lumia 830 running a windows  10 build showing   of features like the new Microsoft edge browser, a new version of wallet, new resolution options for video recording and the os now runs smoother. 

With all these features the most anticipated is the ability to run android and Ios apps. 
Will all these features make you get a windows 10 phone let us know in the comment section 

Ini Edo Shows Off Abs In Colourful Outfit

The gorgeous actress posted this pic of her in front of her range rover in a colourful crop top outfit and a gucci bag... 

Two Nigerians Arrested In Malaysia For N125m Internet Scam

Five Nigerian students have been arrested and detained in Malaysia over their alleged involvement in an internet fraud amounting to N125.2million (RM2.4 million) in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. The five students, aged between 20 and 30, and pursuing Information Technology courses in a leading private college in Kuala Lumpur, were arrested on June 30, 2015 at different areas in that country including Petaling Jaya, Cyberjaya, Damansara and Kuala Lumpur.Following the arrest of the five students, police also detained the two local women, aged 40 and55, who are the owners of the accounts used by the syndicate said Penang Commercial Crimes chief ACP Azmi Adam.ACP Azmi said police also seized five laptops, 20 hand phones, ATM cards, SIM cards and documents believed to have been used to con their victims.He said police launched ‘Ops Merpati’ after receiving a report from the owner of an ice producing factory owner in George Town who claimed he had been cheated by the syndicate. The 62-year-old victim said he had received an e-mail from the syndicate in March, informing him that he was among 50 recipients selected to receive RM15.9million from the government of the United States.“The e-mail requested the victim to follow certain procedures to ensure he did not miss the opportunity. Convinced by the contents of the e-mail, the victim carried out 51 transactions involving money, to accounts numbers given by the syndicate before realising it was a scam. Helater lodged a police report,” he said.Azmi said initial investigations revealed that the syndicate had conned several victims to a tune of RM2.4 million. Police have also found transactions involving up to RM1 million that were banked in from a neighbouring country.

Buhari Releases N400B For Workers Salary

As a result of most states not being able to pay workers salaries, President Muhammadu Buhari has approved a relief package valued at over N400bn to ensure workers being owed salaries are paid..

Windows 10 will not be able to Everyone on Launch Day

Windows Insiders who participated in early testing of the upcoming Windows 10 operating system will be the first to get the upgrade on Windows 10's July 29th launch day. Everyone else has to wait.

A new post on the Windows blog explains how Microsoft is planning to roll out upgrades to users in waves, notifying them first of their access to the update and then "slowly scaling up" after launch day.

Casio's first smartwatch to be released in Japan and US

Japanese electronics manufacturer Casio has become the latest company to hop on the smartwatch bandwagon. It has been working on an intelligent timepiece for the past four years, and is planning to release it next year.

According to the company’s president Kazuhiro Kashio, the smartwatch has been developed keeping in mind the mass market’s need for comfort and durability. ” A device that won’t break easily, is simple to put on and feels good to wear,” he said, adding that it is aimed at those involved in outdoor sports and leisure.

The device is set to release in the US and Japan in March 2016. As for the price, Kashio said that the smartwatch will carry a tag similar to that of the entry-level Apple Watch Sport, which starts at $349 in the US.

Buhari Fires Chief Security Officer Over Supremacy Battle With ADC

President Muhammadu Buhari has fired his Chief Security Officer, Mr. Abdulrahman Mani(above), for engaging in a supremacy battlewith the Aide-de-Camp to the President, Lt.-Col. Lawal Abubakar.Our correspondent learnt on Saturday that his redeployment was one of the sweeping changesbeing carried out by the acting Director-Generalof the Department of State Service, Mr. Lawan Daura, on the order of the President.Buhari had appointed Daura to replace Mr. Ita Ekpeyong during the week at the peak of the crisis between the DSS and the military especially as it concerns the President’s protection.ADVERTISEMENTIt would be recalled that Abubakar had earlier issued a memo redeploying DSS officials from 10 beats that they had hitherto been manning inside the Presidential Villa.He had explained that the decision to strip the DSS officials of their traditional roles was part ofefforts to enhance general security within the villa.But in a rejoinder dated June 26, the former CSO directed the DSS officials to disregard the ADC’s order. Mani had argued that the duties being performed by DSS personnel in the Presidential Villa are backed by relevant statuesand gazetted instruments.SUNDAY PUNCHlearnt that Mani who was redeployed to Ebonyi State had since been replaced with Mr. Bashir Abubakar.Abubakar was said to be, until his new appointment, an Assistant Director in the Bayelsa State Command of the DSS.Also affected in the shake-up, it was learnt, is the Administrative Officer in the Presidential VillaWidi Liman.The AO who was earlier appointed by Buhari was said to have been redeployed to the Oyo State Command of the service.It was further learnt that the new DSS boss hadalso ordered the reversal of some promotions carried out in the service during the last days ofthe administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.Those who benefited from the exercise nationwide were said to have been allegedly promoted by the last administration for their loyalty.A source said about 30 out of the about 100 beneficiaries of the “arbitrary and undeserving promotion” were from the Presidential Villa.“The new DG is putting things right. More decisions may follow,” a source told our correspondent.The source however said a decision had not been taken on who will replace the AO.He also said a decision was still being awaited on the fate of the DSS bodyguards who served under Jonathan and were posted out en mass recently.Punch

Pictures of the Android smartphone by blackberry

BlackBerry might soon release a high-end Android slider with a curved Quad HD display. Currently known asBlackBerry Venice, the device is expected to be officially introduced in November. 

Posted by @evleaks, the new render reveals the Venice when it's closed (thus without its sliding keyboard out). The handset's display - possibly a 5.4-inch one - is curved on the right and left sides, similar to the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. We can also notice a front-facing speaker, a microUSB port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and two volume buttons on the right side of the device. 
BlackBerry has yet to confirm that it's planning to release Android smartphones. However, John Chen, the company's CEO, didn't shot down all the rumors about this, saying that BlackBerry would launch an Android smartphone if it could make it "secure enough."

Take a look at the alleged BlackBerry Venice below, and let us know if you like what you're seeing.

How My Friend Sold Me For N150k To A Ritualist - victim

Image result for kidnap

Hearing the story of kidnapped people for ritual purposes or for a ransom is disturbing and many just thank God it isn’t them and pray against it. The truth however is that with dangerous elements that carry out these dastardly acts roaming freely amongst us, everyone is at risk. Here is the story of a young man, Timothy Lawani, 25, a trader at Suleja roundabout area, who was kidnapped for

Our Male Bosses Punish Us For Refusing Sex With Them - Police Women

In 2002, after 35 years of service, she retired as a deputy superintendent from the Nigeria Police Force, while her squad mates did as superintendents, assistant commissioners and deputy commissioners. Wine glasses were raised up on the day they retired, all laughing and dancing to have served in the Force and retired alive, and not killed while on the job. Some others were not that lucky. Nonetheless,

Buhari - We May Negotiate With Boko-Haram

The Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, on Friday, disclosed in an interview with the BBC, that the Federal Government has said that it is open to negotiations with the Boko Haram sect in order to find a lasting solution to the security crisis in the country, if the group is willing.
In the interview, Adesina said the Federal Government was not ruling out negotiations with the sect if it would put an end to the activities of the group, stating that the insurgents had attacked so many villages and killed scores of people.
When BBC asked if the Federal Government was considering negotiations with the insurgent group, Adesina said:
“If they are willing, why

Annie Idibia Shows Off Bum-shot Figure

ahnn ahnn all this ladies be showing sexy legs and figure... We guys have to start showing off things to oooohhh... lol. The actress is presently in the US for a movie shoot..

Eva's Crop Top Outfit At The Mama Awards


The Nigerian rapper dumped her former mo-hawk hair style for a lot more girl look...Not just that, she rocked a white crop top , with a pair of white skinny pants and heels... 

Beyoncé Flaunts Her Thighs In Yet Another High Slit Dress

Bey was spotted on the streets of Manhattan in a black and white striped dress...  Flaunting her sexy figure, the pop star showed of her Thighs in tge high slit dress...  Another Pic after the cut.